Workout hard with a bike that won’t be hard on your body. The Precor RBK 815 has long been used in high-end hotels, spas, and training facilitates. Now, you can find out why trainers love it as it’s available for your home use for the first time. Preferred for its durability, variety of settings and user-friendliness, the bike is adaptable to many fitness levels thanks to the 6 preset workouts and 25 resistance levels. Wireless heart rate monitoring through SmartRate® will make sure you get the workout you want and need, while the air-flex ventilated seat ensures you’ll always be comfortable.

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This Precor 842i Upright Bike brings a whole new level of comfort and ease to the world of upright bikes. Each unit has a double step up drive that allows for the most smooth, quiet and comfortable ride on an upright bike. With its large platform pedals, 7 programs (including quickstart) and 25 different resistant settings the Precor 842i Upright Bike is sure to bring every user exactly what they need. The Precor 842i Upright Bike’s double step-up drive gives users a smooth, quiet exercise experience. A Poly-V belt is used instead of a chain which means less maintenance and a quiet ride. Durability is built in a magnetic, no-contact generator system provides consistent resistance and reduces the roughness, maintenance and wear associated with mechanical alternators.


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