Belt Squat machine

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Special features

Thanks to the fact that your back is not loaded during the exercise, it makes this machine great for rehab training as well as heavy strength training. We have designed this machine for professional gyms which means that is resist really heavy strength training year after year. The machine is easy to understand for everyone and designed without any settings.

This Belt Squat machine has a high quality wooden footplate and is delivered with 3 quality belts in sizes S, M and L. This makes it possible for everyone to use it, regarding of length.

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More about the machine

This Swedish designed gluteus machine is not only efficient in your glute workouts but also ergonomic for the lumbar spine. The ergonomic movement along with the belt means that the back is not loaded during the workout. This makes it perfect for everybody to train with the machine, including new beginners at the gym that are not comfortable doing squats with a barbell.


Technical specifications & Documents

Gym machine muscle target Legs
Length 170 cm
Width 116 cm
Height 112 cm
Weight 90 kg
Footplate 100cmx62cm
Exercise types Strength training
Series 010 082

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