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The Bravo Lift’s patent pending Free Start technology paves a path to an easier, safer and more effective workout by correctly positioning the user before any weight is ever engaged. The Free Start mechanism allows for 30 inches of bilateral start position adjustment, but always returns the handle to the resting position. It lets the user select a predetermined amount of cable to pull from the machine with minimal resistance before the actual weight stack load engages. With the Bravo Lift, the user has the ability to select the length of cable that they can comfortably get to their shoulders in a squat position with minimal load to allow for much more natural movement experience.

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Some lifting stations have a tendency toward very directional loading, which may tilt the user unnaturally forward or back throughout their movements. Other units provide a much-reduced fore or aft load through the movement, butrequire the user to pick the resistance up from the platform level. In order to perform a squat, for example, the user would have to curl and clean the weight they intended to squat. Universally, it is possible to squat more than one can arm curl


Maximum Resistance 100 lbs (145 kg) max load per handle
Beginning Resistance 5 lbs (2.25 kg)
Lifting ratio options: 2:1 bilateral
Standard Accessories 2 strap handles
Color Available in 5 standard or a virtually unlimited variety of custom frame colors

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