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Techno Gym Abdominal Crunch

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The Abdominal Crunch machine Selection 900 sets the gold standard in terms of biomechanics, ergonomy, design and ease of use. The optional Unity Mini console turns into a virtual coach, guiding you through the exercises, and providing visual feedback and tracking. More engagement than ever, better results made easier.

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The abdominal crunch machine works out the abdominal muscles and provides effective, safe training from a comfortable, ergonomic seat preserving your back.

Bottle and phone holders
Don’t worry about where to leave your belongings: place your bottle, phone and personal objects in the dedicated holders and enjoy your training on the abdominal crunch machine!

New easy-to-read placard
In order to offer you more guidance during training on the abdominal crunch machine, the new placard has been redesigned with enlarged graphics for better reading and positioned for better viewing. By logging into the new QR code you will obtain exercise guidance and track your data.

New Smart Pin
Load selection is now easier thanks to the new weight stack pin with pretensioned cable that doesn’t jam between the weight stacks. The 2.5 kg / 5 lb plate integrated into the top of the weight stack helps increase load more gradually on the abdominal crunch machine.

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