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TechnoGym Selection Pectoral

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ERG0-ADJUSTMENT – The amount of settings that are required before you start the workout, is extremely low and all the adjustments are easy to reach from the workout postion. The easy-to-use device offers a comfortable start position for exercises en a full control over movement on selected parts.

BIOMOTION – This concept, developed by the R & D-Centre of Technogym, is based on a comprehensive study of functional anatomy of individual muscles and the behaviour in compound movements. The application of the research on the selected equipment resulted in a design that reproduces the natural movement of the body through a selected range of motion. The resistance stays stable throughout the range of motion and makes the movement exceptionally smooth.

PHYSIOCAM – This function makes it possible to deliver variable resistance to meet the specific strength curve of the muslce groups that being trained. As result, users experience a constant resistance throughout the exercise. The low initial load made possible by the cam’s design is in line with the force curve as the muscles are weakest at the beginning and end of their range of motion and strongest in the middle. This feature is useful for all users, especially those who are conditioned and rehabilitation patients.

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